Tristan Ceddia is a Creative Director and Graphic Designer from Melbourne, Australia

He co-directs POMS (2007-) with his wife Adriana Giuffrida, worked as art director with Mambo (2007), Ksubi (2011-12) and P. Johnson Tailors (2008-14), is the creative director of Oyster Magazine (2017-), co-published The Blackmail (2012-15) with Gabriel Knowles, lectures in design at Monash University (2019-) and produces design works under the name Never Now (2004-).

its nice that / the brand identity

C (letter press), 2019 for

Lagoon Dining (window), 2019

Brain Magazine Japan (cover), 2019

Oyster Magazine 114 (spread), 2018

Hector’s Deli (icon), 2017

Colomba (postcard), 2019

Lagoon Dining (card), 2019

Oyster Magazine 117 (covers), 2019

Oyster Magzine 117 (spread), 2019 

Primo (façade), 2019

The Holy Mountian (cover), 2011

Big Enough (titles), 2017

Hunted+Gathered (façade signage), 2017

Danny Cohen (card, illustration: Hana Shimada), 2018

Q Le BAKER (sign), 2018

Brendan Huntley (poster), 2017

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